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A Flair For The Dramatic

Pierce The Veil      

A Flair For The Dramatic

Released on June 26, 2007

The Fuentes boys and company have moments when it seems lightening is dying to get out of the bottle. For a pure example of that, wait till just before the minute mark, when these guys rival the gruesome metallic energy Pantera. Let's get down to brass tacks, this album is phenomenal at moments.

  1. Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides
  2. Currents Convulsive
  3. Yeah Boy and Doll Face
  4. I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous
  5. The Cheap Bouquet
  6. Falling Asleep On A Stranger
  7. She Sings In The Morning
  8. The Balcony Scene
  9. Drella
  10. Diamonds and Why Men Buy Them
  11. Wonderless

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